Type Of Rubber Dam
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Ⅰ. According to the medium filled, rubber dam is divided into air inflatable rubber dam and water filling rubber dam:
Air inflatable rubber dam:It will not be frozen in the cold region.

Water filling rubber dam:It can lower the temperature of bladder to extend its service life in summer.

Ⅱ. According to the slope, rubber dam is divided into pillow-like dam and inclined dam:
Pillow-like dam:The rubber bladder is not fixed on the side wall, but through the dam head to fix on it.
Inclined dam:The rubber bladder matches the cross section of river, and can be fixed on the side wall.
Ⅲ. According to the anchor method, rubber dam is divided into single anchor dam and double anchor dam:
Single anchor dam:Apply to air inflatable rubber dam and low dam ( the dam height is not higher than 2m).
Double anchor dam:Apply to the dam which the height is higher than 2m.

Ⅳ. Fin rubber dam:
The cross-section of fin rubber dam looks like a book with smooth appearance. The fin erects when inflated to form a rising angle to raise the water head during a certain overflow, and eliminate vacuum underneath the dam with certain depth of flow water, thus reducing the vibration and wearing out of the rubber bladder.