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Huahai has a great team for training and instruction. After purchasing our rubber dam and oil spill response equipments, we will organize the stuff training for customers according to your requirements.



After-Sales Service

During the sales process, Huahai could at any time answer technical questions of products proposed by customers, if needed, engineers may be assigned for assistance.
For installing rubber dam, we will send installation personnel to make instruction on spot till rubber bladder is inspected and passed. Usable life of rubber dam is 15-20 year. In case the equipment is broken down in normal operation due to quality defect, Huahai undertakes to repair during the entire service life of the product.
For oil spill response equipments, Huahai has a quick-response team for after-sales service. They are highly skilled and have rich experiences. We have taken part in many oil spill drills and oil spill control operations organized by the local governments and maritime department. We can timely and effectively provide technical support and services to our customers.