Automatic Control System
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The automatic control system consists of computer software technology, PLC control technology, communication and transmission technology and sensor test technology etc. The system can automatically adjust the inflation and deflation of the tubes according to the water level, which can be used in daily operation and flood emergency control for the safety of the dam. Parameters can be set and adjusted remotely through monitoring software for video surveillance and daily management. The system can also be controlled through mobile phone SMS. One control system can manage several tube dams in a river .
Composition of rubber dam remote control system:
Terminal equipment: pressure transmitter, water level detector, data collection/ communication module
Surveillance center control system: remote control system, geographic information system, information management system
The surveillance center control system adopts advanced electronic mapping technology, computer software technology, communication and transmission technology, computer network technology and geography information technology, which are able to monitor the on-site terminals on real-time. The electronic map has the functions of remote control, information management and emergency response which can show the situation on the site. It has also such functions as user management, dam information management, dam height and water level data management, automatic and manual remote control of dam collapse, SMS notice, dam height and curves of water level displaying, geography information and electronic map etc.