Oil Spill Response Equipments
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The oil spill response equipments include oil booms, skimmers, storage facilities, oil spill monitoring systems and oil spill recovery boats in five categories. The boom series includes inflatable, solid float, PVC, quick-laying, beach and fireproofing booms. The skimmer series includes the disk, inclined belt, vacuum, weir and rope skimmers. Accessories include spraying device, oil spill dispersant, oil trawl, floating bladder, portable PVC tank, oil spill emergency offloading pump, recovery net, cleaner, sorbent booms, absorbent rope mop, absorbent felt and positioning buoy. The oil spill monitoring series includes the intelligent monitoring and alarming system for offshore oil spills, the offshore oil spill monitoring buoy, the oil spill monitoring radar, the oil spill shifting model, the oil spill emergency response management and command system. The oil spill recovery boat series includes the single and twin- hull boats for the recovery of spill oils.