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Qingdao huahai environmental protection industry Co., Ltd is located in the center of haibin industrial zone in Qingdao, China, which covers a total land of 92,713 square meters and has about 30,000 square meter construction facilities and 500 employees, including 120 technical engineers.
In 1990, the company successfully developed series oil spill response equipments, including oil containment booms, oil skimmers etc. In 1994, it was renamed Qingdao Huahai Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd, which developed rubber dams in 1996 and took the lead in obtaining the ISO9002 Certificate in 1998. In 2000, Huahai introduced new equipments and advanced technology to improve productivity. In 2008, Huahai invested 3 million RMB in production of oil sorbent mats and took part in the operation to  clean enteromorpha prolifera from the water area in Qingdao where the 29th Olympic Regatta and Beijing Paralympic Sailing Event were held.
Huahai owns entire production lines of rubber dam and oil spill response equipments, mainly including skimmers, oil booms, storage facilities, oil spill monitoring systems and oil spill recovery boats etc.Huahai has six branches currently and keeps the trend of group development under the circumstance of blue economy.