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1) Mark dam axes and centerline on the ground.
2) Properly locate upper clamping plate and drill holes (for double anchorage rubber bladder );Mark centerline

and anchorage line on bottom gaskets.
3) Adhere strengthened rubber sheet on each bottom gasket around orifices of water/air filling

and draining pipes, pressure pipe and excess pressure overflow pipes in rubber bladder .
4) Properly adhere water stopped sheet (air stopped sheet) on the bottom gasket.
5) Spread out rubber bladder and align centerline and anchorage line of rubber bladder with

that on foundation .
6) Sequence of rubber bladder anchorage: For inclined dam , start from lower reaches,then

upper reaches and finally land walls; Install rubber bladder from centerline on upper clamping

plate and to both sides at the same time. For pillow-like dam, install stop-ends at damcorner,

then rubber bladder in upper and lower reaches.
7) Tighten and seal rubber bladder with anchorage structures.
8) Carry out test of rubber dam, inspect anchorage structures, pressure in air rubber bladder

and appearance for deformation of bladder.